Handmade Smile Pattern Knit Headband

Luis Shop
Color :
Multi Colour

We hope to inject innovative DNA into the hand hook craftsmanship. so that the traditional craftsmanship will continue to follow the trend of the times. All are dyed with environmental protection. without any additives.

Purely handmade works will have handmade traces. which is its characteristic and its charm!

Each ornament is handmade by the owner. so the size and shape cannot be copied. This is also unique to handcraft. and will be more natural.

Sometimes life needs some sense of ritual. which is not like poetry and the small freshness in the distance. but a kind of sensitivity to happiness and a kind of sustenance for beauty. Live your life the way you like. don't let others down. and don't let yourself down.

Color: Multi Colors

Occasions: Wedding/Party/Prom/Anniversary/Casual

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Handmade Smile Pattern Knit Headband
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